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??1. Agree or disagree: Zoos are useful than harmful to animals.

Personally, I couldn't agree more that zoos help to protect animals ratherthan harm them. To begin with, some animals that might live in really harshenvironment, like the Arctic region, Sahara deserts, and even in extremely dryareas. However, the zoo can be a very good place to shelter such animals, andthey can live in a clean and comfortable environment with abundant food to feedthemselves. Additionally, by keeping animals in the zoos, citizens, especiallythe younger generation will get a chance to closely observe them, thus they willknow the animals better, hopefully, this can raise their awareness to protectendangered species.

2. Would you like to live with a roommate from your own country or fromother countries?

Personally, I am the kind of person who like to experience totally newthings. Living in with a roommate from other countries help me to know an exoticculture that might be distinctive from mine, and despite our differences ofcultural background, we can interact with each other and share our thoughts ondifferent issues, thus we can have unique perspectives. For example, thewesterners embrace individualism and oriental people welcome collectivism, andthey are very cautious about an individual's private matter, however people fromthe east might not take that seriously. Eventually, we can enrich experience andbroaden our horizon accordingly.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is importantfor a school to have experienced teachers.

Personally, I couldn't agree more that school should have experiencedteachers. To begin with, it is more likely for experienced teachers to try outnew approaches in teaching, like they might induct the students and put moreemphasis on the students' active thinking instead of mechanically feeding thestudents with information, hence, they can help students to improve theirlearning efficiency. Additionally, students are more inclined to be attracted byexperienced teachers than by rookie teachers, thus a school with experiencedteachers can attract more students and increase their enrollment.

4. Some people prefer to buy a product as soon as it is in the market.Other people prefer to purchase a product when it has been in the market forsome time. Which do you prefer and why?

I would say I like to buy innovative high-tech products after the pricegoes down, and I have a few reasons for support. First and foremost, productswith cutting edge and state of the art technology are usually very expensivewhen they first come out, and as a college student I do not have lost money towaste on that, cuz I have to pay college tuition, textbooks and stuff like that.Additionally, we consume technological products for its convenience and theywill be as valuable and convenient as they firstly show up in the market, so itismore advisable to buy that after a while.

5. If you were to choose a class to study for fun, which one would youchoose? An art class or a science class?

Personally, I prefer to choose take an art class. I think it is veryrelaxing, and at the same time, it can be very rewarding to learn some art, likeI might understand how to appreciate delicate artwork, such as, porcelain vase,water color painting, sculpture. Plus, art is the expression of the humanity.Without it, we would have no hope, no aspirations, no joy, just nothingmeaningful and enlightening, and one can never underestimate the value of artand music, actually, If you try any form of art, you will get a break from thestresses of life, work and study!

6. Some people prefer to read imaginative literature like fictions in theirspare time,while others prefer to read real literature or nonfictions, such ashistorical books and biographies. Which kind of books do you prefer, andwhy?

Personally, I choose to read fictions, especially science fiction. Not onlycan I get some knowledge about the frontiers in scientific research, I can alsorelax myself. The storyline of the novel can be really intriguing, thus when Iread a novel, I get deeply involved in the story, and I feel I can connect tothe characters so much that nothing can hold me back from finishing it once Istart to read a novel. However, when it comes to nonfiction, it would be prettyboring, since the materials are fairly abstract for me to understand, therefore,it might be hard for me to get focused when I read nonfictions.

7. Some people play games for enjoyment. Others play games in order to win.Which do you prefer and why?

Personally, most of the time, I play games for enjoyment. I am the kind ofperson, who wants to live a leisurely lifestyle, and I am not aggressive orcompetitive or anything. For me, the whole point of playing games is to relax,and have some fun. Moreover, I am already fed up with peer pressure, as a highschool student, I am judged by academic performance, and actually, I am sostressed out. So, instead of fighting against each other, which is intensive,tiring, I prefer to play games for fun and joy.

8. which do you prefer gather information before travel OR do not gather,just experience yourself there.

Personally, I am cautious person, and most of the time, I plan things aheadof time. When I travel somewhere, I do gather information before I visit theplace. By gathering information before the
trip, I can know which hotel is themost comfortable, where can I eat nice local food, and activities I should notmiss out when visiting a particular place. Plus, I might find some taboos inthat local area, and get some heads-up or tips on-line, therefore, I can savemyself from embarrassment. Most importantly, if I plan my itinerary ahead oftime, I will use my time more efficiently, and have a better travelingexperience.

9. Do you agree or disagree that to be successful, a person should study inthe university?

I disagree that a person should study in the university to be successful. Idon't think that people should study in the university to be successful, thereare numerous examples to support my statement. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, theydrop out of universities and they are very successful entrepreneurs. there areeven high school dropouts who started their business and are quite successful.You can learn knowledge from university, but one needs soft skills like how tobe people smart person, which doesn't require a person to go to university tolearn. Knowing how to deal with people is more important than what you learnedin universities. In other words, it is not about what you know, it is about whoyou know.

10. Some students prefer to study in a library. Others prefer to study athome or in dormitories. Which way do you prefer and why? Include reasons anddetails in your response.

I would say I'd like to study in the library. The most obvious reason isthat it is very quiet in the library, and I can fully focus on my work andnothing can distract me. There are just too much distraction to study at home, Ican lay on my bed and play computer games when I feel bored, it is just not thatproductive compared to studying in the library. Plus, when studying in thelibrary, I feel like people around me are also studying, and that is amotivation for me to concentrate on my own work. For these reasons, I would sayI like to study in the library.

11. Some people enjoy indoor activities, other prefer to do outdooractivities. Which do you prefer?

Personally, I like to get out and have some fun, to begin with I have morechoices if I choose to do outdoor activities, like climbing mountain, gofishing, go boating or canoeing. However, if I chose to stay indoors, I feellike I would be bound by the activities that I could do. It is much moreexciting and relaxing to do activities outdoors, since not only can I keep fit,but also I have a chance to breath fresh air and I am not bound by the limitedspace indoors.

12. Some people speak out in class, others prefer to listen and quietlyobserve. Which do you think leads to greater success in school?

Personally, I prefer to speak out and discuss things with my peers. I wouldsay the best way to learn is to speak out my ideas and thoughts about issue inquestion. It is a great chance for me to develop my confidence when speaking infront of a large audience and possibly I build up my public speaking skills, andit is a very valuable skill for my future career. Additionally, the whole classgets a chance to hear multiple points of view, although some points might not beas thought-provoking, you can learn a lot of stuff beyond the textbooks anyway,and understand how an idea works in real life when people speak out and sharetheir personal experiences.

13. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: artists and musicians areimportant to our society.

Personally, I would say artists and musicians play a very important role inour community at large, and I have the following reasons for support. To beginwith, people nowadays are inundated with heavy workloads, regardless what kindof job they have, like salesperson, managers, lawyers, bankers and evenprofessors. They need to switch off from their work and take some time toappreciate art and music, like watching a movie, or going to see a musical, andthat'll will help them to relax and calm down, and even to refresh their mood,thus they might improve their efficiency at work. Additionally, the work byartists and musicians have enormous monetary value, like the masterpiece ofBeethoven, the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, not only are they great assets tothe country where it originated, but also are invaluable treasure for the wholehuman race.

14. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: it is better to live closeto parents than to live far away from them.

Personally, I prefer to live close to my parents for the following reasons.To begin with, I am family person, and I enjoy to spend time with my families.To spending some quality time once in a while is very important to me, andliving close to my parents can help to do that more conveniently. Plus, if welive close to each other, we can constantly look out for one another. Like if Igot sick or have some kind of emergencies, my parents can attend me in a timelymanner. Also, they are getting old, and they need my immediate care, things canbe much easier if I live close to them.

15. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: it is easier for peopletoday to lead a healthy life than people 100 years ago.

Personally, I would say it is easier for people to lead a healthy lifestyle now than the past, now, with the raising livelihood, more people haveaccess to nutritional food, like sea food, for example, salmon, tuna, shrimp andstuff like that. They are high in protein, low in carbs. Plus, the Food and DrugAdministration follow closely on the food safety issues, and it is very costlyfor relevant companies to have some loopholes in their food production. On topof all these, nowadays, people is much more attentive to their health than everbefore, with increased campaign on the both public and private side.

16. When traveling, do you prefer to stay at one place for a long time orspend less time but visit more places? Explain you answer in details.

Personally, I prefer to stay at one place for a long time. As for me, thepurpose of traveling around is to experience the local cultures and customs,appreciate the natural beauty there. You might have to take your time andinteract with the locals, taking photos, and it is quite impossible for one toachieve that if they just leave the place the time they arrive. Additionally,traveling between places waste lots of precious time, which can be otherwiseused to experience and understand one single place. Also, it saves you thetrouble to plan a complicated itinerary and you don't have to worry aboutgetting stuck on your way to the next destination.

17. Do you prefer to live alone or live with others.

Personally, I prefer to live alone. Actually, I am very private person,most of the time, I keep things to myself. I would get distracted if I chose tolive with others who I might not familiar with. Actually, I am highly efficientwhen I do things without the disturb of others, like when I study I feel morecomfortable when nobody is around me. Plus, someone you are living with mighthave totally different habits and schedule when it comes to when to study orsleep or even watch TV. It would be really disruptive when one wants to studywhile the other prefers to watch TV.

18. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: employees should beprohibited to listen to music at work.

Well, personally, I think it's a very bad idea to prohibit music inworkplace. Actually, listening to music is a very good way for people to releasetheir negative emotions, like sadness, or sorrow, or even anger. Employees mightforget about the pressure in life and thus have a higher efficiency in theworkplace. Additionally, music keeps people refreshed and spurs creativity andinnovation. So, that is why it is a common practice for high-tech to allow theplay of music in their office, just so that they can create a relaxingenvironment and be more creative, and thus make more breakthroughs in theirfield.

19. Do you agree or disagree the following statement and give reasons:Parents should not allow their children to participate any form of sport(football, basketball, ice hockey.) in order to protect their health and fromany form of injuries.

Personally, I don't agree with that. I think kids should have their ownfreedom in choosing the kind of sports they like, including football, ice hockeyand stuff. To begin with, most of the sports can lead to injuries, and it shouldnot be decided by the parents which sports is more likely to cause injury, andplus lots of injuries can be prevented by proper protection, like chestprotectors and nice shoes and stuff. Additionally, kids can cultivate theircompetitiveness and build up a strong body, since the above mentioned sports arepretty intensive, and require lots of running back and forth.

20. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students shouldalways study in quiet places.

Personally, I think students should always study in quiet places. To beginwith, students are likely to concentrate more when studying in quiet places,like in the library or classroom, I can fully focus on my work and nothing candistract me. There are just too much distraction to study in a noisyenvironment. Plus, when studying in quiet places, like the library, I feel likepeople around me are also studying, and that is a motivation for me toconcentrate on my own work.


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